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Senior Design Capstone Project

The WVU Industrial Engineering Capstone Program aims to develop mutually-beneficial relationships with businesses in the community and senior-level Industrial Engineering students, by providing free-of-cost industrial engineering support. The WVU IECP supports and coordinates the senior design projects for graduating seniors from the ABET-accredited Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering program.

We are continuously looking for senior design projects to i) provide student learning experiences and ii) uphold the land-grant mission of the University by supporting our local community.

With the WVU IECP, at no monetary cost to you, we provide a team of 3-6 senior industrial engineering students, with the majority having at least one prior full-time internship or co-op experience, who will partner with you to resolve a complex problem using industrial engineering skills and tools. In exchange, our students will gain valuable “real-world” experience.

In a general sense, the WVU IECP supports any type of IE projects that are centered around process improvements for businesses with pre-existing processes and business practices. This can take on many forms, and the WVU IECP is happy to assist in identifying and defining the most meaningful/useful projects for your business. If you have been struggling with project/process/operational efficiencies and just can’t seem to narrow down the problem and/or right solution, we are here to help!

Benefits to you:

  • Free of cost service to your facility
  • Attention allotted to a project that may not have otherwise received attention
  • A fresh perspective and a new take on a problem, often resulting in creative solutions not yet considered
  • Development of a mutually beneficial relationship with the WVU IMSE Department
  • Opportunity to learn about our students and potentially find your next hire!

Types of Projects:

  • Production planning and control
  • Productivity performance improvements
  • Inventory improvements/optimization
  • Industrial quality control
  • Project scheduling
  • Human factors: safety and ergonomics
  • Plant layout and material handling
  • Elimination of wastes
  • Customer service improvements
  • Optimization (with linear programming)


  • Implementable recommendation(s) with detailed engineering analysis
  • Formal written report including all analyses, findings, and recommendations
  • Presentation of project from start to finish, including recommendations by WVU student teams to your company

What we provide:

  • A team of 3-6 eager and knowledgeable senior-level students
  • Guidance and support for students in the classroom
  • Options for Fall, Spring, or Full-Academic-Year projects
  • Travel for site visit(s), if applicable

What we need from you:

  • A complex engineering problem (we can help you identify/assess this!)
  • A site visit, either in person (preferred) or virtual with student team members
  • Commitment to our students (time and energy)
  • Willingness and ability to support their data and information needs to fully assess the problem(s)

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