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Safety Management Program Accreditation and Assessment

Program Mission Statement

The mission of the safety management program is to prepare program graduates to meet the safety mission of any enterprise. This is stated simply as: The safety mission of an organization is to protect, conserve, and improve the resources (people, property and efficacy) of the organization.

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ABET Logo - Applied and Natural Science Accreditation Commission

The master of science degree in safety management is accredited by the Applied and Natural Sciences Accreditation Commission of ABET,

Program Educational Objectives

Drawing from the University's mission, the program mission, the needs of our constituents and the Applied Science Accreditation Commission Criteria of ABET, the following educational objectives were developed for the master of science program in safety management:

A graduate of the safety management program will be able to:

  1. Communicate effectively, orally and in writing, including the transmission of safety data to management and employees
  2. Demonstrate knowledge and skills in the area of safety management
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of ethical and professional responsibilities and knowledge of applicable legislation and regulations
  4. Demonstrate the ability to apply various research activities through the decision-making process used in safety management

Student Learning Outcomes

In order to meet program educational objectives of the safety management program, students must be able to meet the following outcomes at the time of their graduation:/

Outcome 1. Demonstrate knowledge and skills to build a comprehensive safety and health program based on loss control and regulations.
Outcome 1 assessment plan.

Outcome 2. Demonstrate knowledge and skills to use analytical techniques in the safety and health function.
Outcome 2 assessment plan.

Outcome 3. Demonstrate knowledge and skills with federal, state and non-governmental safety and health program standards and best practices.
Outcome 3 assessment plan.

Outcome 4. Demonstrate skills in written and oral communications at the level of professionals in safety and health positions.
Outcome 4 assessment plan.

Outcome 5. Demonstrate knowledge and skills in writing and evaluating safety and health research proposals.
Outcome 5 assessment plan.

Outcome 6. Demonstrate knowledge and skills in using management tools to implement and evaluate safety and health programs.
Outcome 6 assessment plan.