Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering
Course Number Course Title Syllabus
IENG 502 Advanced Manufacturing Processes
IENG 505 Computer Integrated Manufacturing
IENG 506 Computer Aided Process Planning Syllabus
IENG 507 Robotics and Flexible Automation
IENG 508 Advanced Problems in Manufacturing Engineering
IENG 514 Design of Industrial Experiments Syllabus
IENG 518 Technology Forecasting Syllabus
IENG 542 Advanced Production Control Syllabus
IENG 551 Quality/Reliability Engineering Syllabus
IENG 553 Applied Linear Programming Syllabus
IENG 554 Applied Integer/Heuristic Prog.
IENG 555 Scheduling and Sequencing Methods Syllabus
IENG 556 Supply Chain Management
IENG 561 Industrial Hygiene Engineering Syllabus
IENG 564 Industrial Ergonomics Syllabus
IENG 577 Advanced Engineering Economy Syllabus
IENG 578 Cost and Estimating Syllabus
IENG 660 Human Factors System Design Syllabus
IENG 662 Systems Safety Engineering Syllabus
IENG 668 Advanced Problems in Human Factors
IENG 754 Inventory Theory Syllabus
IENG 756 Applied Stochastic Processes Syllabus

Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene
Course Number Course Title Syllabus
IHS 527 Noise Measurement and Control Syllabus
IHS 528 Industrial Ventilation Design Syllabus
IHS 628 Noise and Ventilation Control Technology
IHS 725 Industrial Hygiene Sampling and Analysis Syllabus

Safety Management

Safety Management
Course Number Course Title Syllabus
SAFM 501 Safety Management Integration Syllabus
SAFM 502 Controlling Environmental and Personnel Hazards Syllabus
SAFM 505 Safety Legislation and Compliance Operations Syllabus
SAFM 528 Economic Aspects of Safety Syllabus
SAFM 533 Disaster Preparedness Syllabus
SAFM 534 Fire Safety Management Syllabus
SAFM 539 Security Management Syllabus
SAFM 550 Loss Control and Recovery Syllabus
SAFM 552 Safety and Health Training Syllabus
SAFM 578 Substance Abuse in the Workplace Syllabus
SAFM 580 Fundamentals of Environmental Management Syllabus
SAFM 640 Instrumentation for Safety Managers Syllabus
SAFM 642 Biomechanics of Safety Management