Facility and Resources

All the OSHE trainees have exclusive use of Industrial Ergonomics lab at West Virginia University. This facility supports instruction and research in the areas of Industrial Ergonomics, Occupational Safety, and Biomechanics. Housed in an 1,100 square feet room, the Industrial Ergonomics Lab is equipped with IT resources that allow over 10 students to work comfortably. This lab is also equipped with a variety of sophisticated instruments for measuring human performance and capability. A complete list of resources available in this lab is as follows:

Kinematics and Force measurement instruments

  1. Eight camera (MX-13) optical motion analysis system (Vicon-Nexus)
  2. Marker free wireless 3D full body kinematic system (Functional Assessment of Biomechanics system (Biosyn systems Inc., Canada)
  3. The MotionMonitor system with Ascension electromagnetic trackers (Innovative Sports Training, Inc.)
  4. Two conductive force platforms (Kistler 9286AA, 60x40 cm2) one non-conductive force platform (Bertec, FP4060-NC-1000, 60x40x10 cm)
  5. HUMAC NORM - isometric, isokinetic and isotonic dynamometer with Trunk Modular Component (TMC) (CSMi, Inc.)
  6. Push-pull dynamometer (Chatillon CSD200)
  7. Goniometry assortment (Biometrics ltd.)
  8. Lido lift - isometric and isokinetic lifting device (Loredan Biological, Inc.)
  9. Lido workset II - full body static and dynamic strength testing device (Loredan Biological, Inc.)
  10. NordicTrack treadmill (E-3200, ICON Health and Fitness, Logan UT)

Physiological measurement

  1. Wireless EMG system - Telemyo 2400 EMG system (Noraxon Inc.)
  2. Bagnoli desktop surface EMG system (Delsys, Inc.)
  3. Bioharness - heart rate, trunk posture, skin temperature, Respiration Amplitude and Frequency measurement device (Zephyr technologies ltd.)

Biomechanical modeling programs and other equipment

  1. AnyBody modeling system (AnyBody Technology)
  2. 3D Static strength prediction program (University of Michigan)
  3. Anthropometer (GPM-Swiss made)

In addition, trainees also have opportunity to work with the researchers at NIOSH, Morgantown with an access to their world-class research facilities.